Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tomorrow begins the first full week of classes. Of course, we've had a solid week of meetings with a couple days of classes, orientation, etc. I'm pretty well prepped and everything. But it takes most of my time to keep up, along with all the other obligations. A little worried about keeping up.

Had a great reading yesterday. Another coming up in a couple weeks.


Glenn Buttkus said...

My wife is a special Ed teacher working with blind children, and she started back to work last week. Seems like summer break gets shorter and shorter for her every year. She travels a lot and love it. Sometimes she even takes me along. Is your school district in as much financial trouble as so many others? Have there been cut backs? As a civil servant I get those few vacation days a year, but have always been envious of my wife's summers.


CLBledsoe said...

It's tough all over. The economic downturn hit us two years ago. We lost about a third of our students and quite a few staff members, including the head, the assistant head, etc. We actually grew last year and again this year. We'll probably be solvent this year. Last year was very difficult, for several reasons.