Monday, June 27, 2011

25. Disco Prairie Social Aid and Pleasure Club, by all the cool kids. This is a compendium of selected lines from 144 poets. Many of the lines are quite interesting, but reading them together as a series of unconnected ideas left me cold. It amounted to white noise. I just kept thinking: there are so many decent poems out there--not brilliant, but decent. I suppose I'm writing them too. So maybe it's a cool project and I just need a nap.

26. Slavery by Another Name, by Douglass Blackmon. Fascinating account of peonage and convict slavery among blacks from the Civil War through WWII. I've been wanting to read this for about a year and was finally able to get to it.

27. The Woman Who Walked into the Sea, by Alice Wexler. This is a history of Huntington's Disease. Pretty dry, but some interesting info. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have some connection to the disease.

28. American Uprising, Daniel Rasmussen. A history of the largest slave uprising in American history. Interesting read.