Saturday, February 13, 2016

Books in Progress

I was thinking I need a list somewhere of manuscripts I've completed or have almost completed, but that haven't been published. So feel free to skip this. Most of these titles are placeholders.


A History of the Standard Oil Company On the Moon
A Quarrel of Feathers
Ship of Fools
The Devil and Ricky Dan
Cities On the Moon
Goodbye Mr. Lonesome
A Mischief of Rats
The Saviors (was forthcoming but the press folded)
Odysseus Among the Swine
Sheriff Comes to Zombietown (sequel)
Damaged Seeking Same

In Progress:

Untitled 4th Necro-Files book (50,000+ words)
Jubal's Daughter
Flying Dog

Partial Maybe Something Draft:

Not a Princess
Untitled Rice Farming x2
New Madrid
Frankenstein story
Music version 1
Memphis serial story
The Cypher

Story Collections

Air Is Seen through Motion Not Form
Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
How to Buy a House
Nobody's Darlings
Naming the Animals (out of print, could use expanding/reissue)

In Progress:

Solum Stories
Weird Arkansas Stories

Poetry Collections

The King of Loneliness (forthcoming)
Driving Around, Looking in Other People's Windows (forthcoming?)
You Hated Us for Our Wings, So We Never Flew

In Progress:

The Cypress Trees (sequel to Riceland)
E. Poems
Collaborative Project
Untitled Persona Poems
War Poems
Prose Poems

Waiting for the Miracle (essay collection)
10 (1-act plays)