Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Glenn Buttkus said...

Another great short story. This one resonated well with me. One of my daughters loved white rats, and wanted one. There were several being kept as pets at their elementary school, and the kids were allowed to bring them home sometimes. Leslie brought a female home once, and was holding it and petting it. I was watching TV. "Here, Glenn, you hold her," Leslie said, plopping the rat onto my chest. I hate and fear rats. I leaped up and the rat scurried under the couch. It took my daughter, in tears, hours to coax it out. She never asked about one for a pet again, but I felt like a real shit for being who I was.


CLBledsoe said...

Sorry about your phobia. I used to have a severe phobia about water, if it makes you feel better. To this day, I still can't swim, though I can do a dead-man's float.

We've had several pet fancy rats over the years. We had an albino who was amazingly sweet. In the mornings, I would open the cage door, and she would crawl out and come climb my leg and sit in my lap to be petted while I wrote. I hope you don't have nightmares about that. When she died, I cried like a child.