Monday, January 02, 2012

Looking at my writing goals list for 2011, I managed to accomplish all but a couple things, which is pretty impressive considering that I had a child, started a new position at work, etc. I had hoped to finish my zombie novel. I did manage to whip it into shape, though. I have a solid 100 pages, but I also completely abandoned the outline in order to accomplish this, so it ground to a halt because I wasn't sure what direction in which to take it. I had also hoped to record some music, which didn't happen. I did start a new supernatural/comedy series and lots of other stuff, so there you go. I wanted to finish a series of stories, and I managed to write several of them, but have plenty more to go. Still, pretty good year.

I have 3 readings coming up this year, in February and April. I hope to have more. This would be my first goal for 2012.

I have a supernatural/comedy novel coming out any day second goal is to market it successfully.

I intend to pay off our car so we have a little breathing room.

I intend to set up a recording area downstairs in our TV room and record some songs.

As far as writing, I have some projects I'd like to finish this year as well as some general things I'd like to move towards. The general things aren't so much goals as just directions. I'd like to write more formal poetry. I'd like to write more of the stories in the aforementioned series.

As far as formal writing goals for the year, they are as follows:

1. complete a draft of "Music" (working title). This is the second-oldest unfinished project I have. It has morphed into something completely different than when I started, but that's fine. It's essentially my Fight Club.

2. finish the zombie book! I want the damned thing off my desk!

3. write the sequel to the Necro-Files. I have a rough outline for this and lots of ideas.

4. undecided novel project. I have a dozen or so solid novel-ideas in various stages of completion. The frontrunners are:

--a collection of linked stories about a race war (this is already 1/3 completed).
--a slipstream novel about angels. This might end up being a long story.
--a Vonnegut/Burgess-esque futuristic novel about a cruise ship full of the last survivors of mankind. I have lots of jokes, lots of details, not much plot for this.
--a YA or maybe middle-grade anthropomprphic book (a la Animal Farm) about birds. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of this one.
--I have a couple literary fiction ideas brewing.



John Fergus Ryan Portis III said...

I like the Vonnegut/Burgess-esque cruise ship idea.

CLBledsoe said...

It's the most intriguing to me, too, John. Thanks!