Sunday, March 21, 2010


Glenn Buttkus said...

Bringing back images of "Big Bob" from ARACHNOPHOBIA (1990), this tale takes us to some new place, some new wrinkle in the Bledsoe
consciousness. It was very creepy to read. Most of us are fearful of spiders, especially big ones. I once had a plague of black widows in a garage of a rental I had in Victorville, CA. Bug spray would not kill them, just stunned them. One had to whisk them off the walls with a broom and stomp them with big boots. It took a week to kill 100 of them. Ironically, when I spent a week on the Yakima Reservation doing my Native American sensitivity training, I was called "Spider" by my roommates "Wolf" and "Crow". Never knew what prompted them to christen me that, it just seemed
to work at the time.

CLBledsoe said...

I loved "Arachnophobia." I hate spiders. When we lived in Arkansas, we were plagued with tarantulas and wolf spiders. Tarantulas aren't native, but so many of them have been imported as pets and then escaped, that they've got a sizable population in a few spots. This is part of a series I've been trying to place for years. "The Mouse," is the only other published piece, though another one, "Mouth," was recently picked up.