Monday, March 08, 2010


Glenn Buttkus said...

For some reason when I clicked on the link you give for Troubadour 21, all I got was the announcement. I had to click on the Home for it to be able to read your installment. That is specifically on:

Derick & Ruthie and the rats, and now Jenny is added to the mix. Are rats that affectionate and smart?
People sometimes even say that about their pet pythons. Part IX should give us some darkness perhaps. I posted it over on FFTR; have the whole series so far, giving you a smidge more attention and recognition.

CLBledsoe said...

Fancy rats are very affectionate, if they're properly socialized. They're inteligent and they have a strong social order which lends itself to bonding. This is why rats are used in testing so much--not the affectionate part but the inteligence. It's not because there's some benefit to humans to test things on rodents because there really isn't much. Fancy rats have been bred to be docile for a few hundred years, now. They're not as domesticated as dogs, which have been bred for tens of thousands of years, but they're on their way. I don't know anything about pythons, but I don't think they've been purposefully domesticated the way Fancy rats or dogs or cats have been. That's the difference.