Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Glenn Buttkus said...

Nice twist for ole Derick & Ruthie. Might of known that somewhere in this tale you would introduce the Bledsoe love of pet rodents. If I had had one as a child, maybe I would not fear and hate them so much. Then again in another lifetime I may have been devoured by rats, slathered in peanut butter. Don't know where you're headed with the story, but I sense some desperation beginning
to emerge with the characters, some kind of forboding.

CLBledsoe said...

We had wild rats--pests--when I was a child. I was terrified of them. It was actually my wife's idea to get fancy rats as pets because we're allergic to dogs and cats, and rats are intelligent enough to bond with people, unlike hamsters or gerbils. I, actually, didn't really believe in owning pets. I'm still kind of on a fence about it. Unfortunately, all of our pet rats have passed away. If I could time travel, I could introduce you to a couple rats that would help you overcome your fear.

The series is headed for darkness. I have drafts of the next couple sections. I'm thinking of wrapping it up soon. I had a short story collection picked up, which has really got me thinking about placing a novel, so that will probably be my next real project, but who knows.