Friday, February 26, 2010


Glenn Buttkus said...

Never too much good stuff!
GRIEVANCES conjured up those
halcyon college days, those
tiny cluttered apartments,
the greasy fast food, the moldy
pizza boxes, and those mandatory
piles of books; some of which
we kept for 40 years until now
the three volumes of THE HISTORY
OF CIVILIZATION seem archaic,
almost silly. The lady of the
piece for some reason comes
off for me petite, Indian,
gorgeous, cooking many kinds
of exotic dishes loaded with
curry and odd smelling spices,
with parents from Bombay, whose
father wears a turbin and works
for the public library, and she
has a stray cat that hisses
at you when you go over to her
place, and her roommate is a
heavy black girl with braces
who wears red sashes in her

MIKE'S ROOM really puts us
there. I had a converted room
in a garage while in high school
and I was the oldest of three
kids. It was the early 60's
so real rock and roll had not
descended upon the planet yet,
so there were no posters; comic
books and baseball cards, yes.
You always make the writing
to personable, it is tremendously
hard to separate the writer
from the person. If you do not
have an older brother named
Mike, you should've had.

CLBledsoe said...

Thanks Glenn.