Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So I was thinking that I watch a lot of movies, but when I sat down to think of the ones I'd seen recently, I couldn't think of many. So I thought I'd start keepong track to see if I'm really a movie junkie. The thing is, we don't have TV (we have A TV, it just doesn't receive we use it to watch movies) so I'm including TV shows we've rented. So this is total TV/movie watching.

So here's what I can remember watching in January (with help from Netflix):

1. Shakespeare Retold: Taming of the Shrew/Midsummer Night's Dream
2. Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5
3. Lost Season 5
4. Due South Season 1 & 2
5. The Book of Eli*
6. Legion*

Of all of these, Shakespeare Retold: Taming of the Shrew was the best. Very, very funny. It's available on Youtube.

* = saw it in the theater


Glenn Buttkus said...

Of course writers should read, and I have always been an advocate of the cinema, or television, of the media, of rock and roll (the real deal not hillbilly rap disco elevator crap). I had read Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD, and have been waiting for the film to open, with Viggo Mortensen. It had a one week release here in the Northwest, and I missed it. So THE BOOK OF ELI became my substitute for it. One can't go wrong with Denzel and Gary O., right? Nice twist ending too. Edward James Olmos has always held my attention from his MIAMI VICE days, and ZOOT SUIT, and BLADE RUNNER, so BATTLESTAR GALACTICA must be good. I tape a lot of TV series, but never got around to that one. FRINGE has got me hooked, like the new X FILES.
LOST, Season 6 has started now, and it has twists within twists. You will dig it. Sounds like you have Netflicks, or some such service for your rentals. I have been a film collector for 20 years, and my whole basement is full of VHS and DVD selections; over 30,000 at last count--floor to ceiling shelves everywhere, even over the old broken fireplace, and several free standing units on casters. I have always been a movie buff, am an ex-professional actor, and an director of the Tacoma Film Club. So you have strummed a chord in me that vibrates ad infinitum. Do yourself a favor and rent all the seasons of DEXTER, from Showtime, and SAVING GRACE, and Denis Leary's show, RESCUE ME; dig out the five seasons of BABYLON FIVE too for your sci-fi fix, and rent SERENITY, after you watch all 14 episodes of FIREFLY, or the first two seasons of NYPD BLUE was David Caruso was on it, or All the seasons of HOMICIDE. Gosh, I have to stop now and take a breath. Do you not have cable hook up out of choice, or are you in a non-hook-up area?

CLBledsoe said...


I've seen quite a few of the shows you've suggested, all good ones. We don't have cable because we'd have to get Direct TV, and we honestly don't watch "TV" enough to warrent it. We haven't had cable in years. The wife loves Saving Grace. We own Firefly and Serenity. Our collection is just a few hundred, maybe a thousand, but it's constantly growing...