Saturday, November 14, 2009


Glenn Buttkus said...

OMG, LOL, and all that other
textbabble! Four poems fresh
from the Bledsoe archives. Who could ask for more on a wet and windy Monday morning? Reading and reposting hundreds of your poems as I have, I do start to see some motiffs, some areas that many of the poems can be gathered within, like the February madness themes,
the adolescent high school themes,
the growing up in Riceland near the earth raised on a farm themes,
the love themes, spurned, passionate, sarcastic, and sardonic, and the movie and musical themes; and more, much more. (4) poems to kick the crap out of the blueness of my first day back in the office; thanks.

BUT THERE IS GENIUS IN THEIR HATRED creeped me out, for sure;
full of sadness, danger, death, suicide, with a tinge of madness.
THE BOYS, those punk bastards I remember, who may or may not have grown out of their rancor and angst and become decent citizens later on down the line; I knew those guys. They tried to kick my ass but I found each one solo and punished them until they left me alone. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MY TRUE FACE AND THE STOLEN FACES I ENCOUNTER OUTSIDE, fractured my senses, put me in mind of various forms of abstract art, some Picasso, some Pollock, some Klee, with a dash of Dali, and some Gahan Wilson thrown in for grins.
THEY CAME OUT OF THE RAIN first conjured up "Riders on the Storm" by Jim Morrison, the "Rider on the Rain" with Charles Bronson, then it clicked in with all the Twilight fare and hoopla, the sexy, treacherous, lethal love of the undead, the beyond dead,
bring back Christopher Lee, sir.

So what a romp.

CLBledsoe said...

Hey thanks, especially for referencing Christopher Lee. Taste abounds. Yeah, "The Boys" is from Riceland, "Genius" is from a manuscript I haven't finished--the One I was trying to come up with a title for. The other two are from another manuscript I haven't placed: YOU HATED US FOR OUR WINGS SO WE NEVER FLEW.

Anonymous said...

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