Wednesday, March 04, 2009


12. The Eye in the Pyramid by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson, book one of the Illuminatus! Trilogy.
13. The Golden Apple by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson, book two of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. How to describe these...take every conspiracy theory you can think of and add a lot of pot and sex. These books constantly loop back on themselves, revising their purported plots. Also, there are lizard men, aliens, immortals (including, apparently, John Dillinger and FDR--though all we know so far is that they faked their deaths), Atlanteans, dirty hippis, pirates, talking dolphins, and a Dealy Lama (from Dealy plaza). Very funny stuff. Basically, it's like Foucault's Pendulum with a sense of humor, or the Da Vince Code if it had been written by someone who could write.

The trilogy contains many references to Discordianism, including the "fnords", and several major "characters" in Discordianism figure heavily into the trilogy. According to wikipedia, it is also the source of the "23" numerology thingee, though I find that hard to believe.

Currently reading" Leviathan, book Three of the Illuminatus! Trilogy. Also, In Short, a collection of flash-nonfiction by various authors, which I'm using in a class (but neglected reading earlier, tsk tsk).

I hope, soon to read:

Nation by Terry Pratchett
Further Along by Donald Harington
Lost Echoes by Joe R. Lansdale.
Can't Quite You Baby by Ellen Douglas

To Review:

Arkansas by John Brandon
Where We Come From by Doug Ramspeck
A couple poetry collections I haven't received yet...

All right, I'm off to write a caberet for the Spring Performance. I'm about half-finished with it.

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