Sunday, March 22, 2009 It's 3,700+ pages. I'm thinking grad. students did it.

So I didn't write the poem attributed to me. Neither did anyone else write the poems attributed to them. It's some sort of algorthymic thing. I'm curious about it, though--where do the words actually come from. I mean, as far as I understand it, a computer program lifted words from somewhere and put them in this particular order and attributed them to particular people, but where were the words lifted from and why attributed to those names? Did they go through several of my poems and randomly arrange my words to make this? Cause I've only ever mentioned the word "butterfly" in one poem, and it isn't available online. So yeah. Kind of funny, though. Ron Silliman, who takes himself fairly seriously for having a name like that, got all litigious on his blog about it. Poetry Magazine mentioned it on their blog. Notice that I haven't linked to these blogs. The "authors" claimed to take the site down, but obviously they haven't.

Still, nice to be noticed, even if it's by a computer.

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