Thursday, January 02, 2014

Books Read 2014 January Update

I've set myself a goal to read two hundred books this year. I always read more than a hundred, and even though two hundred seems a bit hard, I thought why the hell not. And yes I'm counting chapbooks, full-length books, graphic novels, etc. So here's the first installment:

1. A Pure River, a poetry chapbook by John Sibley Williams. I've been a fan of Williams since my days publishing Ghoti Magazine. I'm reviewing this for a journal.
2. Ear to the Wall, a poetry chapbook by Carrie Causey. I'm reviewing this one, also, but man was I impressed by Causey's language and subject matter. Great stuff.
3. Split Personality, a poetry chapbook by Karla Huston and Cathryn Coffell. Another one I'm reviewing.

So that's the first three. I'm reading a bunch of nonfiction this year, and I have a huge backlog of review books. So I might actually make two hundred.

4. House Made of Dawn, M. Scott Momaday. I read this to teach. Nice change of pace. Tough for the kids to follow.
5. Bound by Blue, stories by Meg Tuite. I reviewed this for Prick of the Spindle.
6. Tell God I Don't Exist, stories by Timmy Reed. I also reviewed this for Prick of the Spindle.

7. Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among us, by Dr. Robert Hare. I wanted to get some insight on my boss.
8. Something Like Life, poems by Barbara Novack. I'm reviewing this.

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