Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Couple More Acceptances

My writing goals are right on track. I've written a handful of screenplays, one of which I'm about to start sending out to contests. I believe I've placed my next poetry collection. I also just placed another novel manuscript. Here's where we are:

Leap Year
Driving Around, Looking in Other People's Windows (forthcoming)

*Tulsa manuscript (almost complete)

Short Stories:
Naming the Animals

*The Boogeyman Diaries and Other Stories (almost complete)

Sunlight (re-released 2014)
The Necro-Files: $7.50/hr + Curses )re-released 2014)
The Necro-Files: Bloody Sexy (forthcoming)
Last Stand in Zombietown
The Saviors (forthcoming)
Man of Clay (forthcoming
Sorting the Dead (forthcoming)

*The History of the Standard Oil Company On the Moon (under consideration)
*The Necro-Files: Untitled (in progress)
*Sheriff Comes To Zombietown (in progress)
*Jubal's Daughter (in progress)
*Arkansas/Rice project (in progress)

-CL Bledsoe

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