Sunday, October 11, 2009


Glenn Buttkus said...

Thanks a bunch for linking to HOUSEKEEPING and CITY WITH A SMILE over on Subtle Tea. There never comes a day where another C.L. poem does not perk up the dawn. HOUSEKEEPING is both nostalgic and creepy, like those professional Nannies that have their own realty shows on TV. As a kid, maybe he needed to have read IN PRAISE OF OLDER WOMEN; perhaps the protagonist missed out on some steamy lessons. CITY WITH A SMILE really brought back to my nostrils the hallways, lockers, gyms, of Sealth Senior High School in Seattle, 1958-62; made some excellent adolescent observations, and rattled the old brain pan into perhaps writing my old past high school memories; albeit vague as they are for an old bastard such as I. The 8 years of college spread out over four stints is fresher, but not much.


CLBledsoe said...

The thing about the housekeeper is that she was in her 80s. And I don't mean Sofia Loren 80s, either. Otherwise, I'd be there with you. I have always appreciated older women.

Thanks for the kind words.