Thursday, October 29, 2009


Glenn Buttkus said...

Cool review, skater. Janelle pulls no punches; says what she thinks. Actually I love that quote I bumped into recently: A critic is like a dog barking after the caravan has passed by.
No one, it seems, could be in love with every poem you have written, or are yet to write, but like reviewing a film, or a novel, we can only perceive what we can relate to with our personal experience filter. You do a lot of reviews. How can you do it objectively?

CLBledsoe said...

Basically, the key is trying to understand what the author is actually attempting to do and whether s/he succeeds, instead of just focusing on my own tastes.

Janelle is right about "What To Do in Case of Locked Door." I should've cut that poem. All in all, it's a decent review. It's frustrating and masturbatory and all sorts of other things to read reviews of your own work.