Sunday, August 30, 2009


Glenn Buttkus said...

What a lovely title: THE FUCK. I posted it double quick over on FFTR. I found a great image called "Procreation" over on deviant art to go with it.
Congrats on the RIGHT HAND POINTING honors.
When I was an Actor, I thought "Glenn Buttkus" was a bit tame and inane for a professional handle, so remembering the Rocks, Tabs, and Rips out there, I had some fun and unofficially changed my name to SLASH PHUQUE, often mispronounced by the way. Some of the folks who worked with me only knew me as Slash. Slash Phuque is Hamlet. Slash Phuque in Our Town.


CLBledsoe said...

that's funny. When I first started publishing--and the reason I use "CL"--I signed cLbledsoe, in such a way that the "L" and b" appeared phallic, with the "c" and the loop of the "b" on the sides...It was a joke that stuck.