Monday, June 25, 2012

Daddy Time

So my wife is taking summer classes in the DC area, which means I've been at home with our 1 year old. Alone. Which has been awesome. And terrible. And Awesome. What I've learned this week, more than anything else, is the value of sleep, which I thought I knew. Wednesday, I didn't get much sleep because I stayed up watching movies. I was thinking I would nap when Ellie napped. But Ellie didn't nap. All day. She had a bad day. We were both exhausted and lots of other stuff was going on. But more than the napping, I really missed the time I had been using to get other things done while Ellie napped. I just can't imagine how a single parent does it.

The second thing I learned is that my wife is pretty much almost always right when it comes to the baby. Not because "she's a woman" but because she did the research. She's been reading books since day zero, and more than that, really thinking about these things. I knew this, but it was really brought home when I found myself reinventing the wheel and just did what she would've done in various situations. And don't get me started on feeding the baby.

The third thing I learned is that chicks dig babies, but they don't really give two shits for the person lugging the baby. Fyi.

The fourth thing I learned is that our baby is going to be a holy terror when she gets older. She has the patience of...her parents, the willpower of...her parents, and the intelligence and precociousness of...hell if I kow where she got that, but boy is she smart. I feel like I wasn't that smart as a baby. I'm pretty sure I'm still not. So yeah.


The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature said...

The scariest thing about my grandson when he was only one year old? He could delay gratification. Hold on to something until later. Even hold off crying until when the appropriate person was in ear shot. Think about it... He's seven now and can still wait. "No, Nana, I don't want a popsicle now, I'll have one after I come in from walking the dogs." What kid can do that? Scary stuff... wonder if it will lead to hoarding (oops, then he'd be more like me). hmmmm, maybe it shows what a fabulous manipulator he is? Good thing he's a kind, caring and loving kid.

Nick Wilford said...

As someone who's been there I feel where you're coming from - I don't miss the days of staying up late writing while occasionally being interrupted by screaming! But make the most of it. Before you know it they start doing things for themselves and you end up sidelined... and yeah, you're right, as a dad holding the baby you're pretty much invisible!

CLBledsoe said...

Thanks Nick. I do treasure the time I have with my daughter, but it's difficult to balance her and writing and work and...everything else.

And Val that's nuts! I've never heard of a kid delaying gratification like that. But it sounds like it could be a really good quality.