Friday, July 24, 2009

Chris and I have been working on a script from an idea I had awhile back. It's a revenge story set in Alabama in the 70s. Hunting accident/race issues. Just a week or so's work. The hard part, for me, about writing screenplays is the language. Think Hemmingway after severe head trauma.

I've been trying to catch up on freelance work. I finally wrote the article that was due a week (okay ten days) ago for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas. "Wayne Raney. Harmonica playin' sum-bitch." I don't think they'll like the title. I had to contact the subject of another article because of lack of available info. One more I need to edit and a review for American Book Review is due in about a week. I also have about 10 other reviews I need to do ASAP. I find with reviews that it's best to write them while reclining in aquatic circumstances, such as sitting in a river or pool. Of course, one has to take periodic dips to appease the water gods. But appeasement is essential for the good of next year's crops.

Time to light a fire under the ass of class prep. I've got about a month left before classes start. Nothing of any interest to say about that.

I've asked five people to blurb Riceland, and all five have agreed. The brilliant Jo McDougall already sent hers in. I think that this will be "my book," he says, jinxingly.

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