Tuesday, July 21, 2009

32. If the Delta Was the Sea, poetry by Dick Lourie. I'm reviewing this for American Book Review.

33. The Redneck Bride, by John Fergus Ryan. I really enjoyed Ryan's The Little Brothers of St. Mortimer's. This is still true. What I will say about Bride is that it is very short.

34. True Grit, by Charles Portis. Enjoyable. Humorous. Not laugh out loud funny, but nicely done. I'd recommend it.

35. Gringos, by Charles Portis. The thing about "funny" books is they often lack any sort of forward movement. I'll use A Confederacy of Dunces as an example--clever enough but there's no real tension. So, after awhile, it becomes tedious. Portis is more or less the same, though I enjoy his writing.

36. A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey, but Kevin Murphy. MST3K's Kevin Murphy (or Tom Servo/Bobo) went to a film a day for a year, at various theaters including the world's smallest theater, a theater in the artic circle made entirely out of ice, he lived for a week entirely on theater food, he snuck Thanksgiving Dinner into a theater, etc. Interesting enough for a "bathroom book," as I like to call it. Murphy is funny, though I was expecting him to do more. As he says himself, he travelled all over the world but neglected to go to Bollywood or Hong Kong. Really, some of his destinations seemed pretty random.

37. A Field of Colors, by Charles Lennox. A Mud Luscious Press chapbook I'm reviewing for Ghoti Magazine.

38. Family Secret, poems by Rich Murphy. A Finishing Line Press chapbook I'm reviewing for Ghoti Magazine.

39. The Narcoleptic Yard, poems by Charity Ketz. I'm reviewing this for Ghoti Magazine.

40. Light Boxes, by Shane Jones. I'm reviewing this for Ghoti.

41. book alter(ed), by David Wolach. A chapbook I'm reviewing for Ghoti.

42. Revealing Moments, by Wayne Scheer. A chapbook of flash fiction I'm reviewing for Ghoti.

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