Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is my list of books I've read this year (because I'm that neurotic). I hope to reach 100.


--I will count chapbooks, graphic novels, anything else I can think of. That means poetry. Hey, it's a book.
--I'll also count books I've reviewed. Hey, I read it, didn't I?
--I will NOT count books I've already read but am re-reading, so that pretty much eliminates the bulk of the reading I do, which is of books/stories/etc. I'm teaching.


1. Alex Galper, Fish Du Jour. (Poetry) Here's a link to a review. (I'll save you the click: it was terrible.)
2. Tom Whalen. An Exchange of Letters. (Short Fiction) Review: (Some strong moments.)
3. Ron Singer, A Voice for My Grandmother. (Nonfiction Collection) Review:
4. Shad Marsh, The Commentaries. (Poetry) Review: (I like this one. I'd like to see more from Marsh.)
5. Catherine Sasanov, Tara. (Poetry) Review:
6. J. A. Tyler, The Girl in the Black Sweater. (Fiction) Review:'ll add to this when I get a chance.)

7. Ed Madden, Signals. (Poetry) An Arkansan poet I'm reviewing/interviewing for the Arkansas Review. 8. Dean Young, Embryoyo. (Poetry) I'm reviewing this for Ghoti.
9. John Lee Clark, Suddenly Slow. (Poetry) I'm reviewing this for Ghoti.
10. Thomas D. Reynolds, Ghost Town Almanac. (Poetry) I'm reviewing this for Ghoti.
11. Herman Meliville, Moby Dick. Seriously, this is the first time I've read it. I'd have to say it's rather long-winded. There is practically no forward movement throughout the bulk of the book. It's more of a treatise on the profession of whaling, than a novel. There is much about the book that I admire, but I can't say I'd read it again. This book is the reason I've only read 10 other books so far this year. Curse you Melville!!!!

Currently Reading: The Eye in the Pyramid, by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson, from the Illuminatus Trilogy. I'm about a quarter through it. Very funny, trippy conspiracy theory satire farce. Yes, I will be counting all three book in the trilogy seperately.

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