Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I like to post a list of New Year's Resolutions, not that I think anyone cares, or should care, but because I'd probably forget some of them anyway. So this won't be that interesting to read. I've been through a lot fo changes in the last couples years. I think I'm on a pretty good track right now. I've got a new job that pays well. I'm getting to a good place, spiritually. I have a new microwave.

I. Myself
A. Physical
1. Lose weight
a. Daily Exercise
b. Eat better
c. Daily and weekly goals
2. Focus on problem areas like diaphragm for breathing, back
B. Mental
1. Depression
a. Go back on Meds? I don't think they really worked.
b. Counesling? I don't think that really worked either.
c. Will exercise do the trick?
2. Focus on activities that help with mental processes like puzzles, reading, etc., rather than watching movies all the time.
3. Read 100 books

II. Ellie
A. Fun activities
1. Create a mermaid penpal for her & send letters with illustrations
2. Reading
B. Be more physical

III. Financial
A. Pay off credit card (hope to do this by mid-year)
B. Student loan
1. Pay off with supplemental income
C. College fund for Ellie

IV. Writing
A. Agent
1. Pick a book to revise
a. I'm thinking either COtM or DSS.
b. Query letter (as in, write one)
c. Make a list of agents
B. Self-publish some things
1. Flash collection-finalize cover
2. House stories
3. AR stories, other stories
4. Poems?
5. Bunny book
a. Editor
C. Write at least 6 books
1. War poems
2. Ellie poems
3. Jubal's Daughter
4. Necro-Files
5. Persona poems
6. Princess (Nobody's Princess?)
7. Hood

V. Lifestyle
A. Move? Have to find a place...
B. Car
1. Serviced
2. New tires
C. Evenings
1. Readings, concerts, pottery class, art class, writing group?


Kelly said...

I am reflecting on my own resolutions while reading this. I love that you write this out. :) congrats on your new job. I will join you on exercise and book reading!

CLBledsoe said...

Awesome. I know some people would think I'm jinxing myself, but I usually get through most of my resolutions. Good luck!