Thursday, February 07, 2013

When I'm Supposed to Be Writing 1

A lot of people talk about writing, but not that many  actually do it. Even those who do write spend a lot of our supposed work time avoiding writing. Why? Who knows. Maybe we're all lazy fucks. But when you have a writing schedule every day, that means you've got a lot of avoiding to do. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite ways to avoid writing. This time, let's focus on Youtube.

5. Daym Drops. This guy reviews food, mostly fast food and junk food. He has a lot of personality. At times, it can be too much, but he's so enthusiastic about what he's doing that it wins me over. He's done over a hundred, including his "Ghetto Food Network" spots which include making grilled cheese with an iron. Of course, you may have seen his breakout Five Guys Gregory Brothers review/remix Dayum.

4. Pronunciation Manual. There are several parodies of how-to's on Youtube, this one is for pronouncing words. There are a couple hundred short videos. Eventually, it devolves into meaninglessness, but some of them are surreally funny. My favorites would be Bleach, Armoire, and Nietzsche.

3. ZeFrank. This guy has a lot of stuff, but his True Facts series is awesome. It's another parody, this time of informational videos. My favorites are Morgan Freeman, Sloths, and, of course, the Angler Fish.

2. Gregory Brothers. We've all seen these autotune remixes: they take news segments, political speechesor whatever and autotune them. A couple of my favorites I keep coming back to are Sweet Brown and  Bed Intruder.

1. Bad Lip Reading.  So this guy basically does bad lip readings of songs and things and re-records vocals or dialogue based on that bad lip readings. He's done a ton and is still going strong. My favorite is still the Michael Buble whatever Russian Unicorn. But there are a ton of good ones.

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Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I think it's sad that the top YouTube videos last year were mostly professionally produced. There's one or two private ones that still get all the hits. However, YouTube is slowly moving away from the home done stuff that made it famous and embracing professionally produced video.

CLBledsoe said...

I wish I had something insightful to say in response. I understand what you mean about it being sad. It's the same thing that happens with music or any art that we love.