Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Goals

Every year I do a list of goals, usually writing goals, and then pretty much ignore it all year. This past year was much better -- I accomplished most of them, actually. This coming year, I have quite a few, not all writing, for once. The thing is, these are all goals for the next 6 months or so, because after that, my life will change. So here we go:

Lifestyle Changes
1. I need a new job. I've been working on this for a couple months already. It will happen, oh yes. I haven't really gone into much detail about this, but the bottom line is I'm underpaid, overworked, and come January, essentially won't have insurance because of our $5000 deductible and no copays (which means we pay full price for everything up front).

2. Health. It's not so much that I need to lose weight, which I do, but I need to find some sort of physical activity that will bring me out of my mind a bit. I've lived most of my life kind of like Robin Williams' character in Gilliam's film  Baron Munchausen -- as a head floating separate from its body. I've been doing a lot of work ever since Jillian first became pregnant with Ellie to remedy some of my hangups, baggage, what have you. This is the big obstacle remaining. This is actually huge and pretty much involves just about everything else on this list.

3. Be Here Now. See #2.

4. We need to pay off our car. This will happen this year.

5. Move into the city (hopefully Baltimore)/Enroll Ellie in a Montessori school (she's already on the waiting list, and it looks like it will happen). See #1 above.

1. Finish Jubal's Daughter. This is the novel I'm currently working on. It's the oldest idea I have but haven't written.

2. Write a zombie town sequel. Update: Finished in mid-February.

3. Write History of the Standard Oil Company on the Moon. This is a working title for a YA/sci fi/dystopian novel. Update: in progress. Started in mid-February.

4. Write a Necro-Files sequel.

5. Place a short story collection.

6. Place a poetry collection.

7. Try to do at least 2 readings a month... Update: I've scaled this back to 1 reading a month, which I've managed to mostly do.

That's it. It's a lot. I plan to do it all, though.
* * *


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

You and I shall both focus on improving our health in 2013!

CLBledsoe said...

Let's do it!