Monday, February 27, 2012

My Cup Overfloweth, Biatches.

We had finals last week. Unfortunately, my final was on Friday, after lunch, and I was scheduled to be on a plane to Florida at that time. I had some trepedations about this; I was missing my final to go to Florida to write tests for SSATB. So it was sort of school related, but let's be honest: they paid me quite a bit to do it. So I came back today ready for the fallout. That's when I see this email announcing a write-up about the conference, saying I'd been selected as one of only 80-something folks picked. This is true, I suppose, but it's not really news worthy. All day, people were congratulating me. At least I didn't get in trouble. Of course, I did have to grade all my finals last night and this morning to get my grades turned in by 9, but 'kest luh vii' as the French say.

I have a stack of books to review that look awesome. Ben Tanzer. Barry Graham. Howie Good. I also am waiting on a contract for my next poetry collection, due out at the end of the year. I have a novel coming out either end of the year or early next year, also, and another coming soon as I actually finish revising it. So yeah.

I'm doing all kinds of freelance stuff to make money, like the SSATB gig. I've got a very busy next few months, but the goal is to have our car paid off by then.

I finished the novel I was working on in January. With all this other stuff going on, though, I don't know that I'll have time to start another one any time soon. I might focus on short stories. Or sleep. Whichever.


Sarah Tokeley said...

Sleep is overrated ;-)

CLBledsoe said...

So true.

digillette said...

Congrats on recent accomplishments. And you can sleep when you're a famous novelist and don't need a day job. That's my plan anyway. :)