Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Also, it's not really funny...

Working Titles for Quentin Tarantino Films

City on Fire 2
Mutilating Cops to the Oldies
Lake Bears
Pond Kitties
Reservoir Dogs

Vinnie Barbarino’s Dance Party
Seriously, I’m Not Winona Ryder; I'm Uma Thurman!
Pulp Fiction

Positive African American Female Role Model
Coffee Crotch Rot
Jackie Brown

Hurt Bert
Carve Marve
Maim Seamus
Assfuck Chuck
Kill Phil
Kill Jill
Kill Neil
Kill Bill


Glenn Buttkus said...

Great about

Farging Bastiges
Generous Bastardos
Inviolate Buggers
Ungrateful Baddabings
Flipping Blunderblusses
Frigging Bondsmen
Inglourious Basterds

Sinful Tino
Dirty Town
Scab Burg
Scank Village
Syphillis Center
Sin City

From Tooth 2 Fang
From Tit to Tat
From Fart to Feces
May I Bite Your Privates
From Dusk to Dawn

Dying Hardly
Tot in Tin
Tuff Bitches
Plisskin's Dent
Bumper Lesbos
Death Proof

CLBledsoe said...

I'd vote for Inviolate Buggers, From Fart to Feces, and Plisskin's Dent, which is probably my favorite. Actually, no, Inviolate Buggers is pretty great. Frigging Bondsmen is good too. Some great band names in there.