Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Well, 8 school days till the break. The kids are extremely energetic these days...enough of that.

I wrote a poem about Memphis Wrestling. Well, sort of. I've actually tried to write about it a couple times. Always comes out as something else. People, of course, focus on Kaufman's contribution, but just consider the environment that would allow Kaufman to step in and do his thing. I was very surprised to find that wikipedia doesn't even have a stub for Reggie B. Fine.

I need a project for Christmas. Maybe a zombie book. Eh. Time to go bathe my rat.


Glenn Buttkus said...

Keeping up with your train of thought is like snatching at fireflies. My wife is a special Ed teacher in public school and her Christmas break is coming up too.
Actually, I used to think that Andy Kaufman wrestling women had as much validity as any of the other rehearsed antics of the WWA.
Mickey Rourke sure was good in
THE WRESTLER last year. Did you see it? Of course if you start on a Zombie slant, it is only a matter
of time before those werewolves,
mermen, and vampires get into the poetics, enit?

CLBledsoe said...

Haven't seen THE WRESTLER, but I want to. It snowed last night, and I hoped we might get at least a late start, but then it turned to rain and actually washed away the snow that'd been lingering for the last few days. 7 days to go.