Thursday, July 21, 2011

So it's been a busy summer, here. We've been redecorating and childproofing our house. We've got two rooms left--the TV room and the hall. It's difficult when you're broke, but there you go. We've actually accomplished a lot, considering our little helper who kept one of us busy most of the time.

I had a nice bite from a very cool small press for a poetry collection. It has been a while since I placed one. Probably won't know anything for quite a while, but it gave me an excuse to completely redo the collection. Right now, it's at 112 pages. It's tentatively titled Driving Around, Looking in Other People's Windows. I was able to just about put together a second collection just from the stuff I cut.

I placed a poetry chapbook--this odd little cycle of possibly post-apocalyptic, or possibly the ramblings of a madman, journal poems. It will be an e-book. It's called Leap Year.

I also turned in my next novel. Waiting for edits. This one, hopefully, will be part of a series. It's supernatural/humor. Working on the title. The series is called The Necro-Files. This installment might be called Toil and Trouble or The Wicked Witch of West Baltimore. Or, you know, something good when I come up with it. I'm terrible at titles.

I've got a pretty good start on my Civil War era, steampunk slave/gollum narrative novel. I'm at 40-something-thousand words, I think. Most of that I wrote in a crazy marathon week of 5000 words a day, but I hope to wrap it up this summer. Some really nice moments in it so far. I've been threatening to write this book for a couple years, now.

Once I finish the gollum book, I hope to finish a book I started last November but had to drop because of time constraints tentatively titled Odyseus Among the Swine. I'm about halfway through, 26,000 words. It's a sequel to The Saviors, a novel I have coming out from Black Coffee Press in 2013. I envision this as a trilogy. I've got a mostly finished draft of the third book--about the same length as the second. I started that one a couple years ago but was never happy with the ending. They're all somewhat autobiographical. With a lot of luck, I'll finish all of that this year. I can't really say with any certainty what I'll do beyond that. I attempted a zombie book a while back, but it didn't work out. I don't know that I'll tackle that again any time soon. I have half a dozen possible projects I might pick from after that. Odds are, I won't do any of those and will, instead, start some completely new project.

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